Control 2APTS (AP Test Service) is a nationally recognized service that help schools resolve the issues around the collection, data-entry and communication around exam registration.

Our service can assist you in taking the hassles and headaches of AP, PSAT, PLAN and IB exam registration collection and processing off of the desks of your classified and clerical staff. Giving YOU back time, and control.

We pride ourselves on our 24-hour customer service, our attention to detail, the turn-key set up process, and the ability to make the experience of collecting AP Exam registrations easy and stress-free for your staff, students and parents. And we have a commitment to keeping the costs of this resource as low as possible for you!

The APTS online registration service not only makes it more convenient for students and parents to register for exams from the comfort of their homes, but provides you, the Exam Coordinator, with detailed reports that make ordering and planning exams stress free, automated, and easy.

Each school or district gets a unique web-based store and data collection site that can be personalized with your school logo and more. Students register via that site. Check out the Sample School page or contact us to view live sites.

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