Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.26.19 AMStudents must adhere to the testing regulations set forth in the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents. Bulletins were handed out to students interested in taking an AP exam during their AP courses, but can also be found at: AP Bulletin. Failure to adhere to all testing protocol may include consequences such as removal from exam and cancellation of scores.

What to know and do on exam day:

Testing will begin promptly at the established time.  Students must arrive to the test 30 minutes early for each test in order to complete the registration gridding per each exam.  Students must report to the morning exam rooms at 7:30 a.m. and to the afternoon exams rooms at 11:30 a.m.

Under no circumstances will a student be dismissed from testing prior to the official end of a test.  Doing so will result in the completion of a College Board Irregularity Report and could result in the cancellation of scores.  Check your athletic, work, and club schedules prior to exam day and make arrangements with your coaches, bosses, and advisors to arrive sometime after the 4 p.m. exam dismissal.

Between Sections I and II on your AP Exam, or during any other unscheduled break, students are not permitted to consult textbooks, notes, teacher, or any other student.  Students may not use electronic devices at this time either.

Do not email, text, post, or in any other way circulate AP Exam information through any kind of social media or your AP Exam score may be cancelled and you could also be banned from taking future AP Exams.

Also, while you are able to talk about the free-response questions from the regularly scheduled exam, you can only do so after two days and if your particular free-response questions have been posted to the College Board website.

What to bring to the exam room:

Students are reminded to bring No. 2 pencils and pens with black or dark blue ink.

Students taking AP Biology, Calculus AB, and Physics 1: Algebra-Based Exams should bring a calculator approved for use on designated parts of the exams.

Students scheduled for morning exams may like to pack a lunch to eat once the exam ends.  Morning exams often end after the cafeteria closes for the day.

What not to bring to the exam room:

All electronic equipment, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, iPODs, cameras, gaming devices, and any other device that connects to the internet or communicates with other devices is not permitted in the testing room.  Devices that are brought to the testing room must be submitted to the examiner/proctor for the duration of the exam and will be returned at the end of the exam.  If a student is observed with any of these devices during testing or during breaks, the students may be dismissed from the exam room, the device will be confiscated, an Irregularity Report will be completed, and the scores may be cancelled.

Students may not access their personal belonging, backpacks, or lockers during the exam administration or during breaks.

Students may not have any food or drink in the exam room. Students scheduled for morning exams may like to pack a lunch to eat once the exam ends.  Morning exams often end after the cafeteria closes for the day.

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